frequently asked questions
What, you wanted the answers? Fuck you.

Where is THiRD EAst?
Are those pancakes?
Can I dequeue this?
Where are you all eom?
What's with the funny capitalization?
Why did James take a phone by mistake?
What is that triangular creature thing?
What does "hackito ergo sum" mean?
Who is James Tetazoo?
Where are "Bemis Labs"?
What was Delta Upsilon Mu Beta?
Why the coffeemate?
Who directed the "Cambridge Chainsaw Massacre"?
What do you have against knives?
Who captained the "USS Tetazoo"?
Who is the Spiciest Memelord?
Where is 26-026?
How long is dick shaft?
Does tetazoo have a blood pressure machine?
Where can I find bigger package for very low ruble?
Who/What/Why/Where is Dwight?
What is the Walcott bass cannon?
Who is Soda Lord?
Where is the nearest emergency beacon?
What happens when solid sodium comes in contact with the Charles River?
Where did you get the fire extinguishers?
What's the punt list?
Why do people stand around it all the time?
What's Phi Frisbee Grunt?
What's a moat party?
What's in the anchovies?
What are "birthday pancakes"?
Why is everyone screaming?
Why is everyone screaming Briiiaaaaaan?
Why is there a hole in the Goodale ceiling? And why is there a hole in the floor?
Where'd you get the signs?
When is the party in my tummy?