what are tetazoa
Tetazoo comprises the third floor of the east parallel of the EAsT camPUS dormitory Fred Dorm at MIT. Should you feel a desperate urge to peruse our floorplans, concoct schemes regarding the puntlist, or have your hair removed, feel free.

THiRD EAst was founded decades ago by the enterprising James E. Tetazoo III, first to colonize the crumbling hulk that we now call home. Accompanied by his compatriots Jack Florey, Larry West, Ryan Q. Putz, and so on, Tetazoo eked out a living as an MIT student, dodging the depredations of EC's canine-sized rats and the legislative blows of the MIT administration. Although many of his exploits have since been lost in time, tales of some of his deeds have lived on, passed from senior to frosh through years uncounted.

Despite the time that has passed since those halcyon days, today's THiRD EAsters still uphold the values of free thinking, subnission to anarchy, and the pursuit of less-than-licit entertainment. However, questions about emergency beacons, urinals, and the virtues of Kraft mac 'n' cheese will be met with blank stares and/or summary denials.